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Top Deals for Automotive and Commercial Vehicle Tools

SOLUTIONS - The Automotive Tool Campaign

Equip your car workshop now - ideally with tools for use on cars, vans and commercial vehicles that are particularly gentle on materials, save time and work safely. In the current SOLUTIONS campaign brochure, you will find 105 special automotive tools including all new products at special conditions. From the tool trolley with a high-voltage range and torque wrench to spring compressors. Valid until 09/30/2023.

The SOLUTIONS campaign brochure is available for download. If you have any questions or would like a quotation, we look forward to hearing from you.

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HEAVY DUTY - The Commercial Vehicle Campaign

Special tools for special jobs on commercial vehicles, agricultural vehicles and vans. Time saving, work safety and damage-free installation and removal of vehicle and spare parts play an important role. Commercial vehicle special tools from GEDORE offer precisely these advantages. The range of special tools for commercial vehicles from GEDORE also includes those protected by patents, utility models or registered designs - original and only from GEDORE.

If you have any questions or would like to obtain a quotation, please contact us!

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Tool Highlights from the Automotive Range

KL-0173-6..- Re-forming tool for wheel bolt thread

Universally applicable on wheel studs and wheel bolts with M 12x1.5 thread, for passenger cars and vans.

  • Fast and cost-saving reshaping of damaged threads on wheel studs and wheel bolts
  • Thread is formed back to its original geometry (forming, pressing, stamping) back into its original geometry
  • No material is removed in the process
  • The strength of the wheel studs or wheel bolts is completely retained 
  • Thread is additionally compressed again
  • Compact design 
  • Drive with a conventional hexagon socket with reversible ratchet
  • Thread size covers approx. 80% of the approved vehicles with wheel studs!
Watch Video about Re-forming tool
Gewinderückformwerkzeug an Fahrzeug
Repair kit for critical cable/plug connections

KL-0080-Series - Repair kit for critical cable/plug connections

Universally suitable for common cable/plug connections on vehicles and trailers.
Also for FAKKRA plugs or connections with and without single-wire sealing (ELA).

  • For professional maintenance of cable/plug connections
  • Extensive and robust assortment
  • Can be expanded as required in the future thanks to the interchangeable connector housing
  • For precise stripping, even for cables with slippery PVC insulation
  • Perfect crimping results as ex works
Watch video repair kit for critical cable/plug connections